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AV in a Trade Show – Rig It or Not?

AV in a Trade Show - Rig It or Not

The AV (audio-visual) part of any trade show is quite important because exhibits would be pretty much incomplete without them. However, most exhibitors or event planners do know about the AV team and what they’re assigned with, but barely do they know about the team setting up all the equipment. This is nothing bad, and it is the norm. However, it is important that you know about the rigging of the AV equipment and whether it’s necessary or not. Hence, let’s get to it. 

Rigging it all up – Rigging refers to setting up all the AV equipment on the trade show floor. The ceilings in expo ballrooms and halls come with built-in points that hold cabling, truss, lighting, projection, and speakers. These are known as the “rigging points” which the AV team is usually aware of and work on. 

To rig or not – This is quite an important concern when it comes to exhibiting, that is, whether you need to rig your AV equipment or not. This mainly depends on two important factors – one, whether there are ANY rigging points at the venue at all, or not. Two, whether there are any budget constraints in your trade show strategy or not. 

There can be instances where the hall where you’re exhibiting has no rigging points at all. This is something you should clear out before signing any kind of venue contracts for trade shows. This is also where having a proper, professional AV company comes in handy, as they can source venues and find the right one based on your needs because some events do not require heavy AV equipment usage, and hence, can do without rigging points. Others simply cannot operate without proper rigging points, and this is something a proper AV team can figure out easily

Generally, venue costs are also attached to using rigging points, and an even bigger labor cost is required for hanging all the equipment as well. Hence, if you have budgetary constraints, rigging the AV equipment may not be a good idea

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