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How better audience insights lead to better events

How better audience insights lead to better events

A trade show event is all about the audience, its needs and most importantly meeting with the needs. However, overlooking an audience’s needs can be very fatal for your brand and it is quite true that whole planning for a trade show you might forget to remember those needs and fulfill them. That’s why it’s beneficial that you use audience segmentation to identify clearly those needs, wants, and interests and then plan accordingly.

Audience segmentation provides a number of benefits and advantages. By including this essential step, you can:

1. Calculate the investment level needed and strategically justify those investments.
2. Identify internal stakeholder resources needed to maximize your reach and impact.
3. Develop specific personas, which improve event design and allow for maximum engagement.

Audience segmentation can also be subdivided on the basis of these categories that we are going to talk about:

  • Demographics

The general audience segmentation which is about taking the age and gender is simply too broad and can be overlooked but it’s better to start by taking the 1st step.

  • Generational

Just as the name suggests, in this approach the attendees are separated by age and but are connected through a shared generation.

  • Cultural

Audiences belonging to different cultures tend to have different beliefs and thinking style. Segmenting the audience on that basis will help you get new insights and give you a clear understanding of what they really want.

  • Psychographics

This type of segmentation studies what makes your audience tick. It dives deep into personalities to discover needs, concerns, motivations, aspirations, values, and lifestyle choices. Taking this information into account can help you to connect to your audience on a deeper, more intimate level.

Audience segmentation on a greater level gives you a clear understanding of what the audience really wants and what you should do to meet them. Taking surveys, asking questions, its all a part of the job. We can say, segmenting the audience is the first step to deliver the audience experience.

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