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Breaking the clutter of exhibition booths at a show to stand apart!

We all know that an exhibitor gets only a few minutes at a trade show to communicate with each visitor. In that short span of time, it is important to say who you are, what you do, and what is in for them. So, urged by client experiences, we decided to highlight some key factors that differentiate booths that stand apart on an ocean of a show floor.

With packed schedules, pre-fixed meetings, and extremely large exhibition halls, visitors and exhibitors both are often very tight on time. It is vital at this stage to have crisp communication, a quick understanding of customer needs, and lastly an attractive space that will leave some recall in your visitors’ minds. That is why it is important for your business to have the best display stand design at tradeshows, conferences, or any other industry event you choose to exhibit at.

Here are the key factors that determine to attract eyeballs and footfalls to Exhibition booths:

1. Dynamic Content: When the subconscious mind has to choose between static and dynamic content, the dynamic content always wins. Large format LEDs with changing visuals, attractive engagement activities, AR/VR, and games at a booth always have a higher recall.

2. Graphics and Branding: Large format graphic prints that span the length or height of the booth with simple and easy to read messages always get noticed, as compared with smaller graphics that have too much content or product lists. People read small sentences or punchlines, however, large paragraphs generally get ignored.

3. Hanging Structures or Displays with Height: If you ever have the option of selecting hanging signage or rigging you should always go for it. People approach the booth from various aisles and the hanging sign ensures distance visibility and branding. Often visitors waste precious time searching for booths with small maps and obscure numbers. The hanging sign defines where the booth is from a distance and also ensures that the booth is not missed.

4. Furniture: Tradeshows have furniture suppliers and most of the suppliers have similar types of furniture. So as a person moves from one booth to another he/she sees more or less the same furniture. If you really want your booth to stand apart invest in good or customized furniture. It would be a small cost, but it will make your booth stand apart immediately. Also always opt for cushioned furniture that is more comfortable for your customers and staff at the stand. Do not clutter your booth with too much furniture or have too little of it. Ensuring the right quantity and type of furniture on your booth can go a long way in aiding brand recall.

Eg. Orange Furniture at Sun Pharma booth, Light and Dark Blue Furniture at ABLE Bio India Pavilion

5. Booth Orientation: Orient your booth intelligently. If you realize on site that there is a cafeteria next to your booth then make your design face the cafeteria, it will get more visibility. On the contrary, if you realize that there is a washroom in front of your booth then orient it such that the backside of the booth faces the washroom. A little bit of smart thinking when it comes to orientation can make a big difference to the experience at the booth.

In a show that sees over 3000 exhibitors not more than 30 are remembered by over 90% of attendees. So, ensure that you are always in the top 10%.

Happy Exhibiting!

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