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Choosing the right Space for your booth in a trade show

Choosing the right spot for your booth in a trade show

The success of your trade show exhibit depends on a lot of factors. For example, your pre-show marketing, your pitch, your booth design, staff, and plenty more. While most exhibitors spend a long time and money in perfecting those aspects, they often tend to overlook where their booth is placed on the show floor. And believe us when we say that it is just as important as all of the aforementioned aspects.

So, today, in this article, we are going to explain how you can pick just the right space for your booth in the next trade show.

Stay clear of the entrance

While it may sound lucrative to be able to place your booth right in the entrance, it’s not as useful as you’d imagine. Entrances are most likely to be crowded all the time and not many would want to stand there and check your booth, no matter how good it is. Also, most people prefer to make a choice after they have explored all the options but in reality, they tend to buy from the stall they visited last. Even if that’s not the case, it’s highly unlikely they’ll come back to the entrance for one product.

Use your experience

From your previous experience, try to remember which booths received the largest footfall and try to remember their exact location. You can also use that data to decide on giveaways, pitch strategies, and plenty more.

Maintain a distance with the competition

While it’s a common practice to have brands that offer similar products side by side in a trade show, it’s not essentially the best practice. Similar stalls bore the attendees and they may lose interest in your product even before hearing you out. If your store is located away from competition, your potential customers will be able to explore many other products before checking your product out. This increases the chance of conversion significantly for you.

Your position on a trade show floor can significantly boost your ROI. And we have the above discussion will help you with that. Have anything else on your mind? Let us know in the comments section.

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