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Etiquette Rules For Your Trade Show Staff

Etiquette Rules For Your Trade Show Staff

Event managers while preparing the booth for trade show events and shows often seem to forget the importance of properly training the staff. Well, of all the things that make up a successful trade show, booth staff training is of the utmost importance. It doesn’t matter if you have a 40’ by 50’ booth size or a beautifully designed exhibition booth but having a team which knows its purpose is exactly what matters and can truly make the difference.

Here are some of the etiquette rules for your booth staff:

Body Language

Your body language speaks a lot more words than you can ever speak of! Always train your staff to be mindful of their body language. This body language has all the ability to draw up people, and can actually attract new people. Standing up and greeting the attendees with a smile, making eye contact while talking to them, avoiding leaning across a wall while talking to a prospect can be very small things but they make you and your brand very much approachable.

Engaging and Knowing

People who attend a trade show has a reason for why they are interested in your product. So as soon as they enter your booth, train your staff to ask attendees questions and get to acquire as much intel as possible and also offer them a brief overview from the script and has the skills to continue the conversation and engaging the prospect from there.

Providing an Adequate Amount of Staffs

Having an adequate amount of booth staff gives an image of your brand being very much professional and highly interested in making business. This makes anyone feel your brand to be more approachable and adds on to your demeanor. Trade show staff has to have an idea about your booth and that’s why they should know how and where is everything displayed across the booth along with proper knowledge about the products.

Never Eat in front of Attendees

This one is a big NO. One of the worst violations of conduct is when there are food and beverages kept in the sight of the attendees. Trade show days are long; certainly, your staff should have access to snacks and water. But those snacks and drinks should not be consumed in the booth or left visible to trade show attendees.

These etiquette rules are sure to encourage your success rate as they would automatically increase your booth traffic!

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