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Graphic design guide for trade shows

Graphic Design Guide for Trade Shows

The rise of digital media, all the tech and glitz has made it quite difficult for a company or exhibitor to stand out in a trade show. Almost every company comes well equipped with projectors, videos, various tech, products, etc. The small attention span of the customers doesn’t help either. So, how can you stand tall amidst the crowd of exhibitors? The answer lies in the graphics, the visual elements that attract the eyes of the customers, just like children are immediately attracted to candies. 

The graphic elements are key to a trade show booth design it will be the very first thing a customer sees, even from a distance. That 3-4 seconds of attention you will get is your chance of attracting the viewer and eye-catching graphics are your only option.

This may sound tense, but there’s a complete guide on how you can ace this process like a pro. Let’s take a look at it:

  • Analyzing Your Real Estate – No, not the Beverly Hills mansions. Here, real estate refers to the blank canvas on which the artwork you want will be printed, such as, backdrops and banners. It is important that you analyze the space wisely and use it the same way, as this will be the way people will remember your brand image for the years to come. It is important here, that you implement the graphical content wisely. If you overload the canvas with graphics, it will come off as whimsical, disarranged, and not impressive. Remember, less is more. 
  • Communicating in Minimal Time – As aforementioned, you will barely get a few seconds of your customer’s attention. Thus, it should be your graphic designer’s goal to convey your brand’s message in a meaningful way, in those 3-4 seconds, so that the customer comes to visit your booth. The best way is to use creative graphics and taglines that will instantly catch the viewer’s attention.
  • Effectiveness – Your graphic designer should measure the graphic elements’ effectiveness, before implementing them onto the canvas. These elements should entice the audience through impactful imagery and typography, and unless the design appears to do so, it shouldn’t be implemented
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