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How to implement mobile marketing in your trade shows

How to implement mobile marketing

It’s impossible to deny mobile devices have become a part and parcel of our daily lives. And with the exponential growth of these handheld devices, mobile marketing is becoming more and more relevant to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Wondering if you can implement it on your trade shows as well? We’ll tell you how and why.

Why should you use mobile marketing in your trade shows?

You can safely bet all the prospective clients have at least one mobile device. Therefore, from a marketing standpoint, there can be hardly any medium better than these devices to reach out to maximum customers. Mobile marketing in a trade show allows you to stand out among your competitors and also attracts the tech-savvy young generation. And believe us when we say nobody wants to go through a 40-page brochure to know about your product or service. Instead, a swift and summarized version of that delivered to their mobile inbox will be much appreciated. Also, through contests, you can get hold of the prospective clients’ contact details (with their consent, of course) which can later be used to send newsletters. 

How to implement mobile marketing in your trade shows?

It’s not hard to implement a steller mobile marketing campaign in your trade show. You can start by leaving plenty of QR codes outside your booth which, upon scanning, will yield information about your product/services. A text-to-win contest is ideal to engage many visitors, even for the long term. You can also arrange exit polls to collect authentic reviews.

Mobile marketing possesses immense possibilities. So, do not hesitate to embrace this cutting-edge strategy and stand out from the competitors in the next trade show you are participating in

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