November 5, 2019 / by SOL Brand Solutions

Is there a paperless future for trade shows?

Can you remember the last time you visited a trade fair and did not come back with a huge bag full of papers, starting from slim handouts to thick brochures? I am guessing you can’t because trade fairs are notorious for dumping a mountain of paper on its attendees. But a change is needed and slowly but steadily we are witnessing a change.

Why do we need to cut back on paper?

As we all know, the paper is made from wood. That means the more paper we consume, the more trees go down every day. Also, the energy and water requirements of paper mills are pretty high which adds to environmental degradation the industry causes.

Also, the attendees often find themselves lost among the tons of text they receive while exploring different booths. So, these handouts usually find themselves in the nearest trash can, and only on a very rare occasion, an attendee actually reads them. So, considering they still cost something no matter how less, they are not the most effective way of marketing.

How is it changing?

As like in most other industries, the digital revolution is playing its part here also. Businesses are opting for QR codes and innovative apps to deliver their content to the audience. And as we, the millennials, are hooked to our gadgets, these content are generating much more views than the old-school brochures.


So, is there a paperless future for trade shows?

From what we can tell you from the current trends that the answer, much to our pleasure, is YES. More and more businesses are embracing digital and mobile marketing strategies and it looks like the number of such companies will continue to grow. Perhaps it is one of those rear situations which allows the brands to contribute to the environment and significantly boost their marketing efforts at the same time.

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