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Last Minute Marketing Ideas You Cannot Miss

Last Minute Marketing Ideas You Cannot Miss

Exhibitors plan their next event several months ahead, even 10-11 months prior to the big day. In the trade show business, this is considered one of the best tactics for having a successful event. However, we are all humans after all, aren’t we? There can be mistakes, changes of plans, last-minute decisions, in almost any phase of life, and the same applies to exhibit at a trade show as well. At the very last minute, just the day before the event, there can be some areas which you can cover, in order to make your exhibit a success. 

Listed below are some last-minute marketing ideas that you can implement to gather in your target customers and make successful leads: –

  • Last-minute phone calls – In any kind of event, last-minute phone calls are a must because there might just be some people who can attend the event, who you NEED to attend. Make the phone calls, invite the clients to attend the event. This is also a great personal touch that they will surely appreciate and also makes sure that either they or their representatives attend the event. Either way, it is your gain. 
  • Send out those emails ASAP! – E-mails are a must when communicating with the attendees and inviting them for the show. Send the last-minute emails to your customers, including all the details about your exhibit and any special offers that you have for the event.
  • Wield the hammer of social media like Thor! – Social media is an obvious power tool in recent times. Use it to the full extent; post about the event on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, let the people know about your exhibit. Maybe create a short clip about the show, include links in the description. Create an event page on Facebook and post pictures and clips, let the audience know that you want them there.                                             
  • Create a hook that the clients will love – Think of a special event that you can run in your exhibit. Giveaways, games, special discounts on products, gifts such as goodie bags, or gift boxes for attendees who visit. Spend the extra dollars, they’ll be worth it.
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