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Safety Precautions You Must Take During an Exhibition Build Up

Safety Precautions You Must Take During an Exhibition Build Up

A trade show is just like any other event, where if you don’t take certain precautions, anything can go wrong with a single miscalculation. Hence, it is important for every exhibitor to establish a safety measures guide to keep staff and guests safe while they’re in and around the exhibits. If your organization hasn’t yet established this, then it should be the top-most thing in the to-do list. These safety precautions are really important and when you plan ahead, keeping these precautionary measures in mind, you can avoid putting the guests as well as your team in harm. 

Safety issues can arise during travel, at the hotel where you are staying, at or near your booth, at the exhibition venue, and during offsite events.

Consider including preventive measures and training in your safety plan to keep staff and guests out of harm’s way.

Safety measures for your booth staff – Educating team members about trade show safety is especially important for reps who haven’t attended events in the past, even more so if they aren’t seasoned travelers. Trade show pros can always use a refresher on safety, as well as a reminder to teach novices the ropes.

Your safety plan for booth staff should cover tips for traveling safely to the show, in and around the exhibition venue, at your hotel, and out and about in the host city. Some tips include:

  • Avoid flying in late or alone if possible.
  • Protect your hotel name and room number from strangers.
  • Secure all locks on hotel room doors, and use the peephole when someone knocks on your door.
  • Only wear your badge at the venue or official, sponsored events.
  • Don’t look like a tourist. Know where you’re going before you depart, and keep maps out of sight.
  • Bring only the credit and debit cards you need while away.
  • Don’t flash large bills around, and keep a stash of small bills easily accessible for tips.
  • Leave expensive items and valuables at home if possible.
  • Look out for other team members to make sure they stay safe, especially when alcohol is involved.
  • If a staff member does become impaired or is unfamiliar with their surroundings, make sure another member of the team escorts them safely back to their hotel room.
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