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[mechanic_heading title=”You Can Rely on US” subtitle=”We are your one stop solution provider for exhibit rentals, booth designs, custom fabrication and show services management across any exposition in USA” style_title=”large” align=”text-center”][/mechanic_heading]
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[mechanic_heading title=”What we offer” subtitle=”At SOL, we give expressions to brands through exceptional experiences.” style_text=”dark” style_title=”medium” align=”text-center” divider_switcher=”show” lx_iconset_dividers=”icon-divider2″ custom_color_divider=”true” style_divider=”career” divider_color=”#ffd300″][/mechanic_heading]
[mechanic_services big_image=”41″][mechanic_text_icon title=”Trade Show Design” custom_icon_check=”true” custom_icon=”6131″ icon_output=”image” align=”text_right” align_icon=”icon_right” align_block=”section_left” icon_border=”round” title_color=”#1b1b1b”]We understand your brand and your

requirements and make a design

which is relevant to your purpose[/mechanic_text_icon][mechanic_text_icon title=”Booth Construction” custom_icon_check=”true” custom_icon=”6132″ icon_output=”image” align_block=”section_right” icon_border=”round” title_color=”#1b1b1b”]We help you convert the virtual

image of your own booth design

into reality[/mechanic_text_icon][mechanic_text_icon title=”Booth Rentals” custom_icon_check=”true” custom_icon=”6180″ icon_output=”image” align=”text_right” align_icon=”icon_right” align_block=”section_left” icon_border=”round” title_color=”#1b1b1b”]Rent from us at a reasonable cost

for every show as standard modular

structures[/mechanic_text_icon][mechanic_text_icon title=”Graphic Design” custom_icon_check=”true” custom_icon=”6133″ icon_output=”image” align_block=”section_right” icon_border=”round” title_color=”#1b1b1b”]Our experienced design team can

help you communicate the most

with your content[/mechanic_text_icon][mechanic_text_icon title=”Turnkey Project Management” custom_icon_check=”true” custom_icon=”6135″ icon_output=”image” align=”text_right” align_icon=”icon_right” align_block=”section_left” icon_border=”round” title_color=”#1b1b1b”]We provide an end-to-end service

in the exhibitions and events space

just provide your requirements[/mechanic_text_icon][mechanic_text_icon title=”Show Services Support” custom_icon_check=”true” custom_icon=”6134″ icon_output=”image” align_block=”section_right” icon_border=”round” title_color=”#1b1b1b”]Our dedicated team of project

managers ensure that you have

met all the timelines[/mechanic_text_icon][/mechanic_services]

[mechanic_heading title=”Trade Show Design” lx_iconset_dividers=”icon-barber” custom_fz_desc_switch=”true” fz_description=”17px” title_color=”#0a0a0a”]Make your exhibit stand out from the competition by opting for our custom trade show design service. We understand your brand and your requirements and make a design which is relevant to your purpose of participation and is strategically placed to ensure maximum eyeballs and relevant footfalls. [/mechanic_heading][mechanic_heading title=”Booth Construction” lx_iconset_dividers=”icon-barber” custom_fz_desc_switch=”true” fz_description=”17px” title_color=”#0a0a0a”]If you have a standard design which is used for tradeshows we can help you convert the virtual image into reality for your exposition. Our team of over 50 skilled professionals can help plan the structure, material, branding, transport, timely installation and final dismantling such that you are not stressed about booth construction and can focus on your customers and their requirements singularly.[/mechanic_heading][mechanic_heading title=”Graphic Design” lx_iconset_dividers=”icon-barber” custom_fz_desc_switch=”true” fz_description=”17px” title_color=”#0a0a0a”]A booth comes alive when its graphics talk. Our experienced design team can help you communicate the most with your content. We design marketing collaterals for some of the most reputed companies in the world and are recognized for our sophisticated design sense. Our printing facility ensures that we check samples before delivery so that there are no surprises onsite. [/mechanic_heading][mechanic_heading title=”Show Services Support” lx_iconset_dividers=”icon-barber” custom_fz_desc_switch=”true” fz_description=”17px” title_color=”#0a0a0a”]Show services ordering and management becomes critical in any exhibition in the USA. Our dedicated team of project managers ensure that you have met all the timelines and have gained maximum advantage that the show services can provide. [/mechanic_heading][mechanic_heading title=”Turnkey Project Management” lx_iconset_dividers=”icon-barber” custom_fz_desc_switch=”true” fz_description=”17px” title_color=”#0a0a0a”]We are an end-to-end service provider in the exhibitions and events space. We make concept designs, detailed production drawings, have dedicated teams for show services management, have high quality executions, provide manpower, catering and branding for all your exhibition needs. You simply need to specify all your requirements to us and be rest assured that you will get what you were promised. [/mechanic_heading][mechanic_heading title=”Tradeshow Consultant” lx_iconset_dividers=”icon-barber” custom_fz_desc_switch=”true” fz_description=”17px” title_color=”#0a0a0a”]Entering a new market through the exhibitions platform? Participating in a new country or exhibition for the first time? We are sure you have a lot of questions as each market works differently from another. We can be your tradeshow consultants and help you make the best of your marketing investments. We have industry experts that can help you at each step, from space booking to final executions.[/mechanic_heading]
[mechanic_heading title=”Connect with Us” subtitle=”SOL Brand Solutions Inc.” style_text=”dark” style_title=”medium” lx_iconset_dividers=”icon-divider2″ style_divider=”career”]Office Address: 6920 S. Cimarron RD,
Suite 100
Las Vegas, NV 89113

Cell: + 1(702)271-5928[/mechanic_heading]

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