September 28, 2019 / by SOL Brand Solutions

The Essentials of Attendee Interaction at Trade Booths

Attendee interaction is one of the key activities that go on in trade show exhibits. Standing in your booth, you keep looking for more and more attendees who can come visit your booth, and you think of ways to attract them? What comes next is your interaction with them, and this goes a long way in deciding whether your entire exhibit was successful or not. 

Interaction with attendees includes a couple of key elements that help make the process easier and more fruitful. Firstly, is the implementation of empathy. When you, or your exhibition booth staff, start showing empathy for the attendee’s opinions, you’re already on your way to convert them into your customers. Hence, it is important that you train your staff to show understanding and awareness of the obstacles your attendee’s faces. Empower him to ask the difficult questions, and the customer will take notice of your brand and message. 

  • In order to garner empathy, it is important that you research what affects your audience, moves them, and transcends them. 
  • Once you know this, communicate your brand’s value and establish a sense of belonging among your attendees. Then and only then, will they connect with your message and reach out to you.

Secondly, it is important that you remember the fact that your booth is not the Holy Grail. Sure, it does bring in the customers and peaks interest, but it won’t do all the work which is required to turn attendees into customers. For this, your staff and you need to understand the varying emotions of the attendee and work accordingly. 

  • Your attendees may be influencers and big company names. As a result, they’re busy and hasty. If they tend to be impatient, jump straight onto your supersonic jet, and deliver the specific messages without wasting too much of their time. Be polite, concise, yet empathic and resonating. 
  • Since they are busy individuals, they may be forgetful too. Remember, you’re not the only exhibitor out there. Thus, do whatever is possible by you to seal the deal right at the spot, so that the attendee is not forced to remember details and get back to you later. 
  • Very often, attendees can be hesitant, or even hassled. They are overloaded with information and they do see all your details in the brochures and banners. You will have to go the extra mile and make them comfortable, provide the little nudge for them to close on the deal
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