October 8, 2019 / by SOL Brand Solutions

The Minimalist Approach To Tradeshow Booth designs

Back in the day, trade show booth designers used to focus on displaying as much as possible. That included product samples, illustrations, graphics, and literature. But the trend is now shifting towards a minimalist approach where designers are preferring a clean, fresh, and functional design instead of the old norm.

Here’s everything you need to know about this brand new design trend.

Why such an approach is necessary?

Too many graphics, too much information can confuse your attendees and make them feel overwhelmed as soon as they approach your booth. This, in turn, reduces your chances of generating lead and diminish your overall trade show performance. Also, extra arrangements cost an extra few bucks which drive up your overall investment.

What can you do?

Manage your graphics and signage

As we have already discussed, too much graphics in a cluster doesn’t help you even a bit. Instead, try to use your graphics and signage smartly. Try to suspend some of your signage which can attract the attendees from a distance without cluttering your booth. Put only the graphics that are absolutely necessary. Nothing else.

Use lights to your advantage

While it’s important to properly illuminate your booth, the contrast must be managed throughout the booth. If equal contrast and focus are maintained throughout the booth, it doesn’t help your visitors to focus on the stuff you want them to. Instead, use higher contrast on your product samples or illustrations.

Give attendees space

You don’t have to fill up every free space in your booth. Instead, try to use the minimum number of furniture which will allow the free flow of visitors in and around your booth. Also, ask your sales reps to maintain maximum restraint so that the attendees don’t feel hassled on every step they take.

A minimal design does not mean you are losing out on something. But you are actually giving them exactly what you want. So, don’t hesitate to jump abroad on the new design trend as soon as you can

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