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Top International Trade Shows in Chicago

Top International Trade Shows in Chicago

Chicago is home to some of the most spectacular events occurring all over the world. Here are some of the well-known trade shows occurring annually or annually in Chicago

International Home + Housewares Show

This trade show features the latest domestic inventions. It covers the decor, dining, electronics, design, and interior decor which are all related to designing your home sweet home. If you are planning to design your newly built home it’s just the place for you. You will get to know a lot about all the technologies all over the world in the field of design.

America’s Beauty Show

As the name suggests, it is one of the largest trade shows of the beauty industry. It is hosted every year by Cosmetologists Chicago which brings more than 80.000 professionals. It makes Chicago more and more glamour to Chicago and the whole of the USA.

Internet Retailers Conference & Expo

With over 200 speakers and 600 exhibitors, IRCE is one of the large trade shows in terms of your E-Commerce needs. The industry of e-commerce is fast-growing and attending such trade shows makes you updated about all the latest technologies in the world.

United Fresh

It is one of the trade shows that promoted the industry of healthy living and staying fit. It brings together the nation’s top production retailers and professionals which create an astounding interconnection for industry new likes.

International Manufacturing Trade Show

It is one of the largest trade shows all over the world. It brings together all the leading manufacturers and industrial leaders for five days. About 115,000 industrial leaders come together to celebrate this industry in Chicago.

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