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Top Tradeshows to Attend in April, 2019

Top Tradeshows to Attend in April 2019

Trade Shows have been more than just an opportunity for businesses to grow, it’s more like a big social event where a large number of the crowd is present and which serves more like penetration for new brands at a different market.

Let’s take a look at the top trade shows to attend in the month of April 2019: 

  • America’s Beauty Show

This trade show proves to be an international platform for the brands of the beauty and cosmetics industry. With more than 450exhibitors and above 75,000 visitors expected the 5th edition is expected to be as grand as the other ones. This event is one prime destination for the professional beauty industry to network, source products from the world’s best brands, and make their presence felt on a global scale.

  • Bronner Bros International Beauty Show,  2019

To be held in New Orleans, the United States this three- days professional beauty industry event is also the largest multicultural trade show. With over 30,000 beauty professionals coming together at this stage show which consists of more than 500 exhibitors, this trade show is a great opportunity for those who are new to this industry.

Held annually in Birmingham, United Kingdom the 5th Edition of this trade show would bring in all the companies belonging to the industry of ophthalmology undergone roof. With an expectation of more than 10,000 visitors and around 110 exhibitions, this trade show expects to extend the ophthalmology industry to a new level.

  • AUTOMANUFAC – Korea Automotive Manufacturing Expo

The Korea Automotive Manufacturing Expo, AUTOMANUFAC 2019 powered by Seoul Motor Show, provides the attendees with the opportunity to explore the display of Automotive Design, Research and Development, Automotive Parts (OEM/AS), Automotive Accessories (Tuning / Car Care), Automotive Electronic Technology and Products, IT Convergence, Autonomous Driving, Eco-friendly Technology, Electric Vehicle Engineering Technology

The following trade shows are one of the biggest trade shows to be held in the month of April which you will not want to miss, in case, you are there.

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