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Types of Trade Show Attendees (And How Exhibitors Can Attract Each Kind)

Types of Trade Show Attendees (And How Exhibitors Can Attract Each Kind)

There are various reasons why attendees come to your booth and that’s why on the basis of their motive they can be divided into various categories. Dealing with these various kinds of trade show goers also requires different techniques.

Here is the type of trade show attendees and how to deal with them:

  • The Typical Attendee

The typical attendee is the average attendee who actually makes you the largest percentage of trade show attendees. The stock to their agenda and will very seldom visit other booths. To attract this type of attendee, go for a larger sized booth or those which can be accessed from all four sides.

  • The Enthusiastic Attendee

Just as the name suggests, these type of attendees is way lot more excited about what’s going on than an average attendee. They tend to visit three times the number of booths an average attendee will visit. Attractive this type of attendee will require you to have a bigger trade show booth where lots are going on.

  • The Brand Buyer

These types of buyers look for those brands and only come to visit those booths that are of bigger brands. To attract these types of attendees you have to have a larger booth that has already created a buzz around the trade show.

  • The Newcomers

The final type of attendee is newcomers. These attendees are new to the trade show environment and reflect nearly a tenth of all trade show attendees. To grab the interest of the newcomers, feature a diverse array of products and services at your booth.

What it takes to grab the attention of the visitors is being unique and staying true to your brand values.

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