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Understanding the Technology Needs of Your Exhibitors and Attendees

Understanding the Technology Needs of Your Exhibitors and Attendees

Every event planner must be concerned and should have proper knowledge about what really are the technological needs of the exhibits and the attendees make sure they are met. Technology is a part of the plan of many exhibitors and that’s why event planners should make sure they face no problems with it.

Here are some ideas that will help you understand the technology needs:

  • Everyone needs a reliable Wi-Fi

WiFi is a must-have for any event. It actually is the foundation of the events. Providing a safe, secure wi-fi connection is a must for the event planners. Plan in advance by collecting information about the number of attendees that are going to be present, and the expected wifi range that will be required for that purpose.

  • Implementing Event Apps

Most of the attendees are going to bring more than one device to the trade show. So, to make sure the attendees have a great event experience you need to ask yourself about the type of event apps that should be implemented that will enhance their experience. You can add navigator apps, live polling, and speaker bios that will elevate their experience.

  • Give exhibitors valuable intel

To make sure that the exhibits come for the next edition of your trade show and also help them extend their business, providing them with valuable and important intel will help increase the value of your trade show as well. Pairing the right technology with your exhibitors should start early by emphasizing your willingness to explore new ideas and share valuable attendee data. Consider pitching new technology already in the mix to potential exhibitors and find out if specific needs are shared by a vast majority.

Understanding completely about what really is required by the exhibitors and attendees is very much required or you might find yourself doing something really silly that will only make you go down with your trade show.

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