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Using Social Media During Trade Shows & Fairs

Using Social Media During Trade Shows and Fairs

Social media has become a part of your daily lives. From posting about going to your friend’s place to attending a trade show booth we all love to let our friends know about our doings through social media. Through social we can keep a tab on our loved ones as well as use it for professional purposes.

Using social media for your next trade shows in the correct way can prove to be highly effective for your company and this may lead you to have a successful trade show experience.

Here is a quick and simple guide to using them in the right way:

  • Create Your Account

This is the first and foremost thing you need to do about your brand. Create your account in all the known social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Tumblr. Through these, you can create your own fan and customer base that follow your brand so that they can know about their favorite brand’s participation and all the recent updates.

  • Let Your Followers Know

When you are participating in a trade show let your followers know about it. Ask them to come and visit your booth. These small engaging ways revive their trust in your brand. If possible send some of them personal invitations. You might think of these things as unnecessary but the customers always like that extra personal touch and you may never know if they turn up for the event.

  • Upload Videos

It’s inhuman psychology that we like to watch something more than we want to read. Maybe a video can make a more impact than a post of 300 words can do. You can upload videos about your brands, your recent doings on Youtube, and share them through Youtube. In this way, people are likely to get more engaged with your brand.

  • Create Some Event

Events have this amazing capability of bringing together people. On the event’s time create an event in your Facebook page and send invitations to your followers. Make sure the clock on the attending button so that they remain updated about the event so that they don’t miss them.

These tips will surely help you increase your brand’s base to a much larger amount of people. In this way, your brand will get quite popular and is likely to draw a lot of attraction on the day of the exhibition.

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