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Various Types of Trade Show Booths

A trade show is a hub of clients, customers, companies, big names, and prospective deals. How can you stand out from the clutter of exhibitors and attract all of these? Simply, by choosing the right kind of trade show booth design that will get the attention of your target audience. Many companies make the mistake of not investing enough time in choosing the right booth, and that is something you must avoid in order to have a successful exhibition. Plan your budget, choose your staff, hire a designer, and execute your marketing strategy to choose the best exhibition booth that will showcase the benefits of your products and grab eyeballs 

While there are a plethora of decisions you have to consider, let’s make choosing a nice booth an easier one. Here are the kinds of trade show booths that you can choose from:


  • Pop-Up Displays – One of the most popular choices is the pop-up display booth that consists of collapsible panels that literally “pop-up” to display your products. These make a great choice as they’re lightweight and portable, thus, you can set them up beforehand. 


  • Portable Displays – If you’re going low on your budget, the obvious choice is the portable displays that are pop-up as well, but are more practical and affordable. They do not sacrifice when it comes to displaying either, because, similar to their pop-up counterparts, these portable booth displays show off products and graphics amazingly. 


  • Tension Fabric Display Booths – As the name itself suggests, these are the types of show booths that have a tension fabric material between two poles. These are perfect for not only showing your graphics powerfully but for numerous add-ons like shelves and lightings as well. 


  • Island Booths – These are the more comprehensive booth designs, where you can provide access from numerous ways on an open floor plan. Usually available at least a 20 x 20 size and thus, are more difficult to pack and set up. Nonetheless, they are more engaging and attractive, which is a big bonus.


  • Outdoor Displays – Outdoor booths are for when the exhibition is being held outdoors. This brings on some challenging instances, such as bad weather, higher budgets, etc. which is why you must plan beforehand and choose an appropriate booth. Usually, outdoor flags, outdoor banners, and tents are the way to go.                         
  • Multimedia Displays – These are the modern and stylish options for a trade show booth, where you can get higher customer engagement for sure. Through a multimedia presentation, you can convey your brand’s message, highlight your products, but keep in mind, they do bear higher costs. However, investing in these will definitely result to higher profits
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