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Vinyl or Fabric – Which way to go for Trade Show Banners

Vinyl or Fabric- Which Way to Go for Trade Show Banners

Trade show banners are the original marketing tools, the veterans of the marketing game that help exhibits reach their true potential. Imagine a trade show floor without any banners, and all you’ll get is a boring event without any visual stimulation or treat. This is a fact that all exhibitors are aware of, which is why it is extremely important for them to get every detail right when it comes to their banners. This even applies to the fabric that is being used in the banners, and in this, the two biggies are fabric and vinyl. But, which one to choose? Let’s take a look: –

Vinyl banners – If you’re about to exhibit outside, then vinyl banners are your best option, as they’re the perfect fir for outdoor displays. These banners are super easy to clean with mild detergents and soaps, but make sure you don’t use harsh ones, as those will destroy the gloss of vinyl. Unlike fabric banners, these require special care when it comes to storage. You cannot just fold them and dump them into some box, as that will form creases and destroy the look. Instead, you’ll have to roll them up and store in a tube container or tie it with ropes. 

Fabric banners – For centuries, fabric banners have been used as the standard trade show banners, and that continues today as well. These are flexible, portable, lightweight, and can be stored quite easily by folding if you want to travel with them. Though these are easy to use and carry, they do require special treatment when you clean them. If you add too much water, then stains can spread and spoil your banners. Once the cleaning is done, let the fabric dry totally and then put it into storage. 

Many exhibitors consider the fabric, especially tension fabric, to be the best option for trade show banners. The major reason behind this is the ability of the fabric to create a luxurious, high-end looking banner for almost any booth.

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