September 19, 2020 / by SOL Brand Solutions

Ways to Attract More Visitors to Your Trade Show Booth.

Every Company or Brand that takes part regularly in tradeshows in the USA knows how important it is to attract more and more visitors towards their booth. Companies crave for visitors and it’s their aim to have a booth that attracts all visitors that are walking by the aisle of their trade show booth.

Here are some proven ideas to attract relevant visitors to your exhibition booth in the USA

  1. Live Product Demo 

The main attraction that drives buyers towards a tradeshow even in the age of online marketing is because they can see and touch and even use the products before buying them. So if you are a product company then make sure that your exhibit rental booth design has ample places that allow for experiencing in-person product applications and demos. You can have 3-4 staff presenters who will demonstrate your products for them constantly and may even invite the visitors to try them for themselves. For that, ensure that you have trained staff that focuses on making customers feel invited and excited when they enter your tradeshow exhibits

  1. Games and Contests

Well, no matter how and where we grow up, we all love to play games. Incorporating this tendency of people to get indulged in playing games into your exhibition booth strategy can increase the attraction of your booth greatly. Tradeshow games can be selected to fit your audience and booth size. It doesn’t matter if your booth is a 20 x 20 exhibit or if it is a large pavilion in itself; what matters is how much impact and engagement is there for your audience within your exhibition booth design. You can design your engagement and games such that they include your company branding and logo. You can host games that are digital or old-school analog style – both yet see acceptance across tradeshows today.

  1. Technology and Digital Platform

Trade shows have been there for a long time and even in today’s era of online marketing, it still is growing and this is only because of the implementation of technology by various brands into their exhibits. Attendees at your exhibition booth are never without their smartphones, iPhones, or tablets. You can take advantage of these connections and integrate smart apps that can make your tradeshow booth displays come alive within the phone.  

  1. Increasing Experience. 

Exhibition nowadays is raising the bar by trying to provide the attendees with experience in a way that will make them remember the trade shows and especially the brands. Experiences are best when they are immersive, personalized activities that emotionally connect buyers to your brand story. They engage the senses and are hands-on. Your typical tradeshow booth design company in the USA may not be able to come up with an immersive experience for your audiences as it focuses on exhibition booth design and carpentry. However, an experiential marketing agency like us or your ad agency can help you develop a unique experience for your visitors that will aid recall and add value. 

Your exhibition booth design is way beyond 4 walls, meeting rooms, and product counters. It is about the experience you provide to your visitors. The one thing that always works towards garnering booth success is to think from a visitor standpoint – think what the customer wants to see, experience, and feel at the booth. Not just what marketing message you want them to go away with. This principle works well for 10 x 10 booths, 20 x 20 tradeshow booths, and even large pavilions. If you want to design an experience for your brand, then don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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