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Ways to Generate Sales Leads

Ways to Generate Sales Leads if you Don't have Marketing Support

Sales leads are individuals or businesses that are nothing but prospective buyers. Salespersons lie that sales is about consulting around the prospect’s problems, and is not just about closing the deal. It’s about letting the prospect define the pace of the process and giving the prospect knowledge as well as confidence and trust in your service. However, any sales professionals don’t have the marketing support to rely on a steady flow of inbound deals.

Here are some ways to generate sales without having marketing support:

Using Social Media to Find Prospects

It’s a salesperson’s dream to get the prospects in a high-value, low-effort way. So using social media platforms like LinkedIn in which most of the salespeople have their accounts can easily access the potential buyer’s account and can earn their trust.

The more connections you have, the wider your reach will be. You don’t have to be best friends with the people you connect to. Tangential connections can be amongst the best for potential prospects.

Getting Referrals from other Customers

Getting referrals or asking for it from your current customers or service buyers is surely an effective process but it requires a plan so that you can carry it out effectively. You can check with your account manager and know if the customers are happy with your service. Then ask for a quick 10-minute discussion and talk about how important they are to your company and explain to them that you value the relationship. Then ask if they know any of their acquaintances who might be interested in your services. Get the name, phone number, and email of the contact, and why your client thinks it is a good fit.

Working with your personal network

Working within your personal network can also prove to be a great way to get potential customers but it is often an overlooked option. There are certain people you’ll meet in a personal context that you wouldn’t think of as a lead generation machine but can be incredibly valuable. However, mixing professional and personal things needs to be respectful but it is sure to broaden your reach.

Revisiting Closed/Lost Opportunities

There are companies or customers that are well aware of your business but couldn’t deal with you because it wasn’t just the moment. It’s better to keep a tab on those businesses and touch base after every six-eight months and you might never know when it works in your favor.

In such times, it’s very much required to be an expert in your field but most importantly letting your customers know about your services and educating them about it. Once they value your products you don’t have to worry about the deal because then it will be done on its own

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