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What Can Seasoned Exhibitors Learn From Amazon?


Since the inception of Amazon in 1994, it has grown tremendously, starting from being an ordinary startup to becoming our generation’s juggernaut, Amazon has never failed to disappoint its customers. In a move towards constant up-gradation, Amazon is now building an Operations Center of Excellence to promote innovative ideas about customer fulfillment, transportation, and supply chains. 

However, the question for us is, what can tradeshow marketers learn from Amazon? 

  1. Experimenting Is The Key!

Marketers go by the rule of 80/20 which means tapping 80% of one’s business prospects by 20% of clientele. Marketers of many firms focus on potential customers more and it’s quite feasible from the perspective of ROI. But do not compromise on the front of innovation in KRAs such as tapping the non-potential part of the market.

Go for that trade show you have been delaying for so long! Allot some budget and let experimentation do its part!

  • Don’t Follow The Crowd.

Find your own strength and don’t keep on following the crowd.

Take the example of Amazon each time Amazon tried to go on with some copied venture like in auction modeling(eBay) or restaurant delivery (door dash or bite squad), they all went in vain. The same is the case of trade shows, everyone tries to emulate the initiator in turn making him the winner of all. So, allow your business to grow and innovate in special areas.

Do what you can do best!

  • Customers Must Be Your Top Priority!

Put customers at the center for everything you do, all your dealing must be customer-centric because one thing which will never get outdated is your client’s trust and your goodwill.  So, pull out trade shows and marketing strategies and ask yourself were they designed by keeping customers’ requirements, need, and wants in mind? 

  • Think Long-Term!

We all are living in a dynamic environment in which technology is changing at a pace never imagined before. 

So, how to be a hero in such a choking environment?

Look for customer satisfaction and needs, because this is one thing which will never change.

If we go by and look at Amazon’s prospects they did the same and from ages have only focused upon low prices, customer demand, and fast turnaround. Turn your trade show around and be customer-centric. It’s time for you to take the leap and focus upon experiments, innovation, and your customers’ needs!

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Happy Exhibiting!

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